Here are the Top 3 reasons to use this awesome new learning technique

Before jumping into the benefits of MTT it’s important to understand what MTT stands for. Mother Tongue Technique (in short MTT) is a method of learning a language as somebodies natural mother tongue.

This technique is inspired by the way a child learns speaking. Let me explain how.

Initially a child has no idea what are the emotions he is feeling and what are they called. So, initially he tries to feel everything and get familiarized with all the emotions. Let’s take an example to understand better what I mean with this; a child cries when he is hungry because he has no idea what he is feeling and what is that feel called. Then he gets food and his hunger is quenched. So, he realizes the feeling was of hunger. But he is going to be hungry again so, he learns the name of the feeling and the name of the thing that could save him from feeling like that again, that is the food. For that he listens and memorizes what his parents were calling that feeling and also the thing that quenched the feeling. So, the next time he gets hungry he asks for food directly instead of crying. Then keeps on learning names of new feelings and the objects related to them that could either get him that feeling or protect him from feeling that. This is how a kid learns his mother tongue by listening to what others are calling a certain thing and then using the same name, if that name gets the job done then voila you just learnt a something useful.

To summarize the whole process of MTT is about knowing what a certain feeling feels like or an object looks like and then finding a suitable way to express that feeling or to ask for that object.

Now getting back to how MTT is beneficial to us:

  1. It is clear in the above example that MTT is a very elaborate learning method since a lot of thing and processing of information is involved in it. We already know the more thinking that we involve in something the better we remember it. That makes everything that we learn from MTT easy to remember and also it sticks in our head permanently which is not a possible feat to be achieved by any regular learning method.
  2. Now answer a simple question if someone has all the information in the world but no idea where and how to use it then what good is all that idea? In MTT you learn things on the basis of utility so, you already know where and when and how is that sentence or term supposed to be used. Hence, the next time the situation arises you won’t have to frame a sentence or to think of a particular term to express yourself you can directly say it from your past memory.
  3. This is the only method that involves practice in real-time. No other method is so practice centric they are instruction centric. And since the trainee has already practices everything in the real environment simulation the practice is also very intriguing and amusing. No matter how many new things you learn you never get bored because you are consistently curious. In the regular learning method, the learner gets fed up because that rigid method of learning kills the curiosity.


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