Here are the Top 5 problems in your learning technique.

Here are the Top 5 problems in your learning technique.


While speaking a wrong use of tense or a misplacement of the prepositions can adversely affect your confidence. And also, a sentence with too many grammatical errors sounds weird for that reason a beginner speaker first tries to learn grammar. This is where the real trouble arises. Let me explain what.

  1. If somebody has at least a tad bit of knowledge of grammar he gets back to the ways he was taught grammar in school. But over the time his practice of grammar has worsened and he has developed the practice of using wrong grammar all the time so it will be extremely hard for him to re learn everything in the old-fashioned way. Because the human brain by design keeps the memories it is not meant to be re-writable.
  2. Even with much efforts somebody forces his brain to re process all the data in the regular old-fashioned way he will only be capable of using them correctly in his writings. Because he now has two different memories of one same grammar; so, every time he tries using them, he will have to choose which one to use and then frame it out in a sentence to check whether it’s correct or not. Which is a really time consuming and an exhausting thing to do repeatedly.
  3. When the matter of speaking would arise, the speaker will always have to think and chose the appropriate grammar to go in the sentences. This will make listening the speaker extremely boring and because of that the confidence of the speaker will also drop down and eventually the person will refrain speaking in English.
  4. However, the issue in point 3 is only applicable to people who are very meticulous about their grammar. If somebody isn’t very concerned about his grammars his won’t think a lot before using it and end up making silly mistakes. And as much as we hate to admit it the truth is a sentence with incorrect grammars is weird to listen to. So, the quality of his listener will also drop down. It is noteworthy here that only a speaker who speaks correctly is taken seriously be it politics or the corporate jungle nobody is ever going to trust in the ideas of man who is fumbling in stating them.
  5. For somebody who can’t relate to both the above points 3&4 is the person who is actually both very meticulous about grammar but isn’t very familiar with it. Despite all the efforts such a person would find it very difficult to learn grammar in the old school way and won’t be able to use it in the proper way.

To sum up if the regular technique of learning grammar were that effective, we wouldn’t have forgotten it in the first place. And there wouldn’t have been any need to learn it again.

And since we are trying to learn it again from the basics why not try a new and unique process that involves a lot of real-time. To know the best grammar learning technique click on the link.




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