Speak English in 5 Easy Steps

Speak English in 5 Easy Steps With Raddix Institute

Spoken English Decoded

Since you are here already reading this, you are probably wondering how you can speak fluent English like a native speaker really quickly. Well, it seems today’s your lucky day. Because today we are going to share with you the best 5 steps by which you too can speak English with utmost fluency.

Let’s dive right into it without wasting any time.

Step 1: Vocabulary

“Words are the atoms of a language” without them the language won’t exist. And the oldest recommended method of learning 10 words daily is still very fruitful. As the saying goes “old is gold”. But nobody ever said that gold doesn’t require refinement. There are 1,71,146 words in English as per the oxford dictionary and nobody can remember them all.  As a matter of fact, you only need to know 800 to 1000 words to speak a language eloquently. In comparison that sounds achievable, doesn’t it?

Now to pick which word to learn and which to leave. Well to be able to speak English as a beginner you should first focus on the basic day to day words more than the words that aren’t used that often. For example, you are better off if you know the meaning of the word “Blink” than knowing “Ophthalmology” means the study of eye diseases. Similarly, if you are searching for a place to live you have higher chances of finding it if you search it by the name of “house” rather than searching it by “abode” which literally means the same thing.

Step 2: Learn to listen

“If you want to become a great speaker become a great listener”. Listen to other calmly when they speak. Every man has an interesting story, you are bored only when you are not listening carefully. If you listen to somebody speak real closely you will learn a great deal from the manner in which he is speaking. That will improve your vocabulary as well as you will learn which word or phrase is attached with which expression. If you think somebody is too terrible a speaker you should still listen to their mistakes because it’s said we learn from mistakes nobody said the mistakes can’t be of others.

Step 3: Finding a Trainer

A trainer is like a guide that makes the adventure of learning easy for you. Just as a guide makes it easy for you to navigate a forest. You can always try to do it the hard way and journey alone but then you would face many difficulties that could have been otherwise avoided. A guide has travelled that path himself and has helped several others do the same. So, sometimes it is the smarter choice to get a guide to help you out instead of just wandering alone in the forest of knowledge not knowing which “berry of information” is good for you and which “berry is poisonous”.

Step 4: Practice

“Practice makes perfect”. Put simply to master anything as easy as ridding a bicycle to flying a helicopter we need to practice the skill to master it there is no easy way around. But hang on a second, does one need to practice 8 hours daily. Well, there is no point in over exhausting yourself on day 1 and quit on day 2. Practice is all about consistency. Practicing English an hour daily is far better than practicing 8 hours in a month. Making a habit of sitting for an hour only dedicated for English will certainly make you eloquent.

Step 5: Face your fears

No matter how many hours you have practiced how many words you have jot down it will all be pointless if you are too afraid to use them. You need to face the fear of speaking wrong and actually speak something only then you will be able to speak fluently. Don’t miss any chance you get of speaking. If you are an introvert always force yourself to be at the centre stage. Learn to carry yourself with confidence and calmness as to when you speak people are intrigued to listen. But no one ever said you need to face your fears alone your trainer will certainly stand by your side to help you at all nooks and crannies whenever you are faced with trouble.

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